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Why study at CEI?

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Study Aviation at Indoamericana

Corporación Educativa Indoamericana is the ideal institution to study aviation in Bogotá, since it has a vast experience of 29 years forming and training the leading aviation personnel, with more than 100 highly qualified teachers and civil Aeronautics graduates to teach the most Complete and structured curriculum in accordance with the Colombian Aeronautical Regulation.

Certifications by the Civil Aviation, the District Education Secretariat and certification in quality by ICONTEC, both in its management system and in each of its academic programs; Support the formative mission of the Corporación Educativa Indoamericana.

In addition to human talent and certified academic training, the Corporación Educativa Indoamericana has the infrastructure and physical resources to provide quality training. Classrooms equipped for a pleasant academic environment, the hangar equipped with workstations, a DC-9 airplane, a Hughes 500 helicopter and classrooms for the practices; Passenger cabin simulators (Civil Aeronautical certificate) and ground suitable for the practices of the Flight Assistant Program – Passenger Cabin Crew, workshops and laboratories fully equipped with the appropriate tools for classes, and the other complementary locations for an Academic atmosphere.

Another reason to choose Indoamericana as an aeronautical training school is the promotion of values through its Human Formation program and the cultural, sporting and artistic talents and skills promoted by the Institutional Welfare department. In short, the Corporación Educativa Indoamericana is committed to the integral formation of human beings, both academically and morally.

  • Twenty-seven years forming aeronautical leaders.
  • Certified by:
    • Civil Aeronautics Colombia CCI-022
    • Certified by Ministry of Education
    • The international quality standard ISO 9001: 2008
    • The National Standard of Quality NTC 5555
    • Each academic program under Rules NTC 5581 and NTC 5665.
  • Unique Aeronautical Center in Colombia recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – Trainair Plus program.
  • More than one hundred (100) teachers highly qualified and licensed by Civil Aeronautics, also have valuable experience in teaching each of the aviation areas and / or common areas.
  • Curriculum complete and structured according to the Colombian Aeronautical Regulation and to the location.
  • Institutional Welfare. Through this process cultural and sports activities are carried out that integrate the Indo-American family.
  • Support of the office of interns and graduates. Offering through cooperation agreements with the most important companies in the sector. «A very important experience for your working life».
  • Maintenance practices in the workshops and models of the institution.
  • Recognized in the middle for its academic quality and comprehensive training parallel to instruction.
  • Focus on technical English.
  • DC-9 airplane for practice.
  • Helicopter Hughes 500.
  • Passenger Cabin Simulator – certified by the Civil Aeronautics for practices of the ASA program.
  • Didactic models for instruction.
  • Basic aeronautical tools for loan.

Indoamericana Institutional Video

Academic Programs

  • Flight attendant certification training (ASA)
  • Aviation Maintenance technician – Airplanes (TLA)
  • Aviation Maintenance technician – Helicopters (TLH)
  • Avionics technician Specialist (TEEI)
  • Flight Dispatcher certification training (DPA)
  • Travel agent and Tourism certification training (ATA)