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Investigation, development and Innovation (INDEIN)

The team of Investigation, development and Innovation (INDEIN) at Corporación Educacativa Indoamerica consist of volunteer instructors and students dedicated to the creation, application and dissemination of research and supporting the entrepreneurship development at Indoamericana.  Research coordination belongs to Academic board directed by Chief Academic Officer Mr. Joselyn Zárate  and instructor Mr. Alberto Rafael Reyes.


INDEIN team is working in several lines of research, including A´ris magazine, business creation – entrepreneurship and ECOCEI, a sustainable aviation project responsible for recycling aircraft products as aircraft engines and others components used in the aviation industry. Each line of research is led by experienced instructors who support seeds research group made up of students from different academic programs.


The main objective of INDEIN group is focus on development of investigative, methodological, cognitive, communicative and entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, the research group enhances a comprehensive training and has launched significant initiatives to educate competent professionals capable of operating and managing the aviation industry.


The mission of INDEIN group is to promote the development of projects ensuring viable research for the organization and bring benefits to communities, students, environment and society. As a result, A´RIS Scientific and technical and magazine published its first edition in 2004, for the purpose of creating better communication between Corporación Eduacativa Indoamericana and the aviation community, in order to publicize student achievements and promote organizational improvement toward its renewal and development.


Line of investigation

Line of investigation: ECOCEI

The seed research ECOCEI group seeks to examine and validate the techniques for recycling and reusing waste products associated with aviation.


As evidence of the viability of this innovative idea worldwide, ECOCEI group is following leaders airlines from around the world including as Air France, KLM and Finnair; Its purpose  is to help implement better environment practices recycling  waste as linings, curtains and some emergency equipment and  donate them to charitable organizations that transform these materials in different accessories such as handbags, wallets and clothing, in order to generate new sources of revenue, opening workspaces and marketing worldwide.

Line of communication and education

The seed research A`ris Magazine  group consist of  trained researchers, writers and designers who make up the institutional magazine.

Line of entrepreneurs

This seed research group is dedicated to assist the creation and development of aeronautical companies such as catering and tourism agencies that promote our National destinations.