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The mission of Culture, sport and recreation department is to develop and promote leisure activities. In pursuit this mission Indoamericana are working in an integrated manner to improve the quality of life of students by maintaining healthy minds and body through participation in sports, recreation, and culture.


 To be recognized for outstanding achievements in personal integrity, exceptional leadership and service to the school community made by distinguished student leaders at “Corporación Educativa Indoamericana”.


  • Promote cultural, recreational and sporting activities as key area of human development to facilitate the development of integrated education.
  • Create a space that encourage reflection, focusing on moral development and values that taking into account the best needs and interest of the community.
  • Ensure the welfare of the school community supporting programs that will maximize community members’ development.


  • Assess the needs of our students, teachers and staff in order to create support programs that contribute to school success, personal, academic and professional development.
  • Promote the active and committed participation of school community that enhance intellectualcultural, social and sporting skills of all its members and collaborators.