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Aeronautical Exhibition

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At the beginning of the Year 1993, Teacher Hernán Chávez takes a great deal of initiative and began to encourage student to work on projects, allow them to be able to apply certain concepts learned in the course. The first model aircraft would fly up 23 seconds in an aeromodelling event. After a long time working on this idea they decide to put the engine for the model aircraft (before it was operated by elastic mechanism of thrust) giving some small degrees of elevation, a few degree of warp and adding some rudder deflection with the purpose of the model aircraft flying in a circle and coming down at a nearby place to be recovered.


For almost 12 years the administration of Corporación Educativa Indoamericana decided to support this emerging idea of an aeromodelling event. At the beginning the project was organized for aircraft technician, later ASA program and other related activities and programs were connected to this event.  It used to be called “Didactic model aircraft project” (Proyecto de maquetas didácticas de aviación) now is called “Aeronautical exhibition” (Vitrina aeronáutica), due to inclusion of other programs and subjects.


Nowadays, Aeronautic and tourism exhibition is sponsored and have gained local recognition for the efforts that students and aeromodelling professionals have put in place to ensure the safety of all participants. Since that pedagogical idea emerged across aerodynamic class and thanks teacher Hernán Chávez, today we can enjoy a space for everyone to contribute our grain of sand to the collective growth of knowledge and development of our institution.