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Academic Procedures

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  • Click “Log in” tab on the top right –hand corner
  • Please enter your user ID and password to Access to CEI platform.
  • Select the “payments” (pagos) tab on the top right and click on the “new” (Nuevo) tab.
  • Search on the selected list and identify the procedures you wish to select.
    • Proof of enrollment/study
    • Grading certificate
    • Certification to be submitted to Civil Aviation
    • Copy of diploma
    • Copy of student ID
  • Click on “Next” (Siguiente), the system will show you an  application form, complete the destination documents and additional comments.
  • Then the system will ask you for data verification.

Seleccione el método de pago

Online payments

You can also pay by debit or credit card

Banco Popular “Popular Bank”

Before going to the bank, you must print your receipt and pay the fee in any branch of Popular Bank. You are not required to register the payment at the institution (Corporación Edcuativa Indoamericana).

After payment is completed, you must obtain the request form in person at the “Student help point”( as the estimated time of completion).

Excuses must be registered in the Academic System according with the Student Handbook. Section “Excuses” Established under Article SO-52.    

Article S1 paragraph 1.    

Students are required to submit a properly filled out excuse or permit form within three days following an absence.

Please note: 

For students attending night session a working day is considered every official working day of the week including Saturdays.

For students attending morning session a working day is considered every official working day of the week excluding weekends.

Submit supporting documents

You must submit documents as explained in the Article S0 y S1

  • Up three days of submitted your excuse or permit, you must pick it up in person at the Student help point. You must present your student ID card.
  • Students must make a copy of the excuse or permit and it must be submitted to the instructor within 7 working days after receiving a formal response.
  • The original copy of this excuse is kept in the institution store.

Time for procedures

  • Proof of enrollment /study – 4 working days
  • Grading certificate – 5 working days
  • Certification to be submitted to Civil aviation – 5 working days
  • Copy of diploma – 10 working days
  • Excuses – 3 working days

Duplicate student ID card

You must pay for the cost of the duplicate and must submit the receipt at the “student help point” to speed up the process and obtain the corresponding permission to enter to the institution without student ID.