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About us

The Corporación Educativa Indoamericana was established on September 22, 1987 through public deed. The facility is located at Calle 39 No. 14-62 in Teusaquillo area of Bogotá. The Corporación Educativa Indoamericana offers variety academic programs as Aviation maintenance technician-airplane, Aviation maintenance technician-helicopters, avionics technician specialist, flight dispatcher, flight attendants, travel agent & tourism assistant, airport logistic agent and public transport driver.

The organization has over 27 years of experience in training and competency of aviation personnel and it has positioned through the principles and institutional philosophy of a simultaneous commitment to education, integrity and professionalism projected into various state organizations and companies who enter in the aviation sector.

Nowadays the Civil Aviation Training Centre has a physical plant with a total construction area of 6884.26 m2 approximately, and a land available of 7182.19 m2, which is equipped with several spaces, workshops, laboratories, models and two hangers that allow the proper development of the classes.


The mission of Corporación Educativa Indoamericana is to provide technical training for competent personnel in the field of aviation, transport and tourism; considering our simultaneous commitment to education, integrity and professionalism enabling them to perform their work in a suitable, effective and efficient manner on a national and worldwide basis.


Our vision striving to be the Aeronautical Technical Training Centre leader in Central and South America appreciated by the professionalism and ethic of our human capital and recognized for their excellent academic instruction delivered, based on the development of competency-based approaches that strengthen student and graduated workplace performance.

Quality policy

The Corporación Educativa Indoamericana, centre of vocational training and human development whose mission is to train Assistants and technicians in the aviation, tourism and transport industry; is committed to meeting student needs and expectations by providing physical facilities and technology supporting training necessary for the development of the classes along with a team of up to date, well trained and qualified instructors capable of providing excellent knowledge and strengthen their job skills. Its human resources efficiently works every day in the continual improvement of the processes, a simultaneous commitment to education, integrity and professionalism and achieving an academic training of excellence that allow to promote the development and delivery of high level standards in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001-2008, NTC 5555-in all processes and NTC 5581 – NTC 5665 for academic programs.

Occupational Health and safety Policy

The Directives of CORPORACIÓN EDUCATIVA INDOAMERICANA LTD are committed to comply with the laws, resolutions and other normative regulations in Occupational Health and Safety, with the purpose of  executing them according to the needs of the institution, allocating the necessary human, physical and financial resources to the management and continuous improvement of Safety and Health at Work.

Corporación Educativa Indoamericana is committed to meeting the safety standards set by Occupational health department, and ensuring the continuous improvement to working conditions and the protection of their employees through the promotion, development and implementation of  Occupational Health training program, self-care activities and other habitual practices, strengthening safe behaviour in the workplace.

The Corporación Educativa Indoamericana believes that accidents and illness can be prevented, thus protecting worker´s health is a cross primary value to all processes, which is reflected in the constant attitude of vigilance and control of individual and collective security.

The Directives of CORPORACIÓN EDUCATIVA INDOAMERICANA are committed to the following:

  • Ensure that the potential for ill-health or injury arising from Institution activities or premises is minimised so as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Ensure the identification of hazards and evaluate health risks arising from Institution activities so as to enable the implementation of the necessary control measures and as necessary appropriate occupational health interventions.
  • Provide all CEI staff with health education training to ensure they are aware of the nature, causes, effects and appropriate management of ill-health in the workplace.
  • Encourage a culture where all staff take an active interest or participation in all health and wellbeing training programmes, brigades, fire drills and other activities developed by Occupational health department.

This process and practices allow us to identify hazards and eliminate, control or minimise the risk of injury and diseases at the work place ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of our people.