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ICAO Recognizes Global Aviation Training Achievements At Special Dublin Ceremony

DUBLIN, 25 March 2015 – The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) continued its drive to bolster aviation training capacity and delivery worldwide yesterday, recognizing seven TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Members and two course validators during a special ceremony at its TRAINAIR PLUS and Global Aviation Training Symposium, co-organized by and hosted by the Dublin International Aviation Training Academy.

Recipients from around the world, including China, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, Jordan, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, South Africa, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates, were honoured at the ceremony, which was led by ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin.

Awards were given for outstanding achievements in course development, course validation, instructional delivery, implementation of Standardized Training Packages (STPs), exchanges of training packages, and shared STP deliveries. The full list of recipients, including two honorary John Chapman Validator Award* winners, is included at the end of this announcement.

“ICAO is very proud to recognize these individuals and institutions for their clear commitments and noteworthy achievements with respect to our Organization’s global aviation training objectives,” Benjamin remarked. “With worldwide flight capacity set to double by 2030, global training activities will be instrumental to developing new skilled civil aviation personnel to manage this growth safely and efficiently.”

The ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme is a cooperative global training network of training centres, implemented in close to 70 ICAO Member States and composed of 80 organizations. The Programme supports its Members to develop and share high-quality competency-based training material, such as STPs.

Award recipients:

China Capital Airports Holding Management for the highest number of developed STPs.

Ireland Dublin International Aviation Training Academy for the highest number of trained course developers.

Netherlands Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation for the highest number of participants in an STP.

Rep. of Korea Incheon Airport Aviation Academy for the highest number of owned STP implementations.

South Africa Air Traffic and Navigation Services – Aviation Training Academy for the highest number of trained instructors.

Sudan Sudan Academy for Aviation Sciences and Technology for the highest number of exchanges of STPs with other TRAINAIR PLUS Members.

UAE Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies for the highest number of deliveries of shared STPs.

John Chapman Validator Award recipients
(highest number of validations of STPs with the least amount of rejections)

  • Abdelqader Abu Salim (Jordan)
  • Rolando Tamayo (Dominican Republic)

Additionally, 22 training organizations obtained recognition as new TRAINAIR PLUS
Associate Members, Full Members, or Regional Training Centres of Excellence.

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