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TLA (for its acronym in Spanish)

Aviation Maintenance technician – Airplanes

Aircraft Maintenance technicians: Inspect and perform line maintenance on airplanes. Aircraft maintenance activity carried out whilst the aircraft remains in the operating environment and is substantially fit to fly subject to specific, relatively straightforward, rectification tasks such as replacement of any component, routine in-service Inspections, periodic aircraft inspections and overnight  checks in accordance with pre-determined schedule.

Aircraft maintenance technicians install, modify, and repair components of airplanes, Moreover, they carry out inspections and checking to ensure proper functioning of aircraft.

Duration: 5 levels
Sessions: Morning, Afternoon and Night sessions
Internship: 18 months

Licence: it must deal with “Aeronáutica Civil Colombiana” (Colombian Civil Aviation)

TLH (for its acronym in Spanish)

Aviation Maintenance technician – Helicopters

The TLH license holder meets the criteria, which has the responsibility for performing line maintenance, periodic aircraft checks, inspecting necessary replacement or repair of parts, adjustments and minor repairs. Aircraft Maintenance technicians check to ensure proper functioning of helicopter.

Duration: 5 levels
Sessions: Night sessions
Internship: 18 months

ASA (for its acronym in Spanish)

Flight attendant certification training

The ASA license holders are responsible for the safety, welfare and well-being of passengers. Flight attendants assist all passengers on board, respond to passenger requests and needs and fulfil them as much as possible; moreover, they ensure passenger comfort and assist the crew in emergency rescue operations.

Duration: 4 levels
Sessions: Morning, Afternoon and Night sessions

ATA (for its acronym in Spanish)

Travel agent and Tourism certification training

Travel agents plan, arrange and sell international and local travel packages, participate in the operations, and marketing tourism products, they have knowledge about passport and visas requirements, hotel services and airport operations. Travel agents develop the ability to use global distribution systems such as Sabre and Amadeus. Moreover, advise travellers comprehensively.

Technician who hold a certificate in Travel agent and Tourism may work as:

National Travel Advisory
International Travel Advisory
National tour Coordinator
Airport Customer services Agent
Tourism and Events Agent
Tour scheduling Coordinator

Duration: 4 levels

DPA (for its acronym in Spanish)

Flight Dispatcher certification training

The flight Dispatcher´s job is to coordinate operational and technical variable to ensure that the flight operation is conducted as safely and economically as possible. He/she is the person authorized by the appropriate authorities or airlines to exercise Operational Control, Flight Planning and Inflight Assistance.

Flight Dispatchers are the best kept secret of an airline, they usually share responsibility for the exercise of operational control. Whether a flight can be performed in operational and technical terms depend on a number of factors: wind, weather at destination and en route, navigation aids and equipment, airport facilities, the aircraft´s technical condition and performance, fuel uplift needs and a lot more.

Duration: 4 levels
Sessions: Morning and Night sessions

TEEI (for its acronym in Spanish)

Avionics technician Specialist

Technicians in the avionics field are responsible for performing, inspecting and authorize work of removal, assembling, calibration, adjustment and testing of electrical equipment and tools.

Duration: 5 levels
Sessions: Morning and Night sessions
Internship: 24 months