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Aeronautical workshop

All applicants may attend the workshop “Challenges and Opportunities in aviation”. There is no cost to attend this workshop. The goal is to help you gain a better idea of the academic programs you are considering; applicants are welcome to participate in a practical class in our DC9 aircraft.

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  • Over 29 years training leaders in aviation.
  • Certified by Colombian Civil Aviation CCI-022.
  • Certified by District Education Board.
  • International Standards ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • National Quality Standards NTC 5555 certification.
  • National Quality Standards NTC 5581 and NTC 5665 certification standards for academic programs.
  • Unique Aviation training centre in Colombia recognized as a TRAINAIR PLUS Full member by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • More than a hundred highly qualified teachers, licensed by Colombian Civil Aviation and those who have gained a valuable teaching experience in all areas of aviation.
  • A complete and structured curriculum development according to the Colombian Civil Aviation Regulations (RAC) and international standards.
  • A Department of Recreation that offers organized activities in intramural sports, fitness, club sports, culture and events, both on and off campus that allow Indoamericana family to participate in integrated environments.
  • An Alumni relations & Internship office provide support to search for career- oriented job and internship opportunities with employers of the aviation sector seeking to hire CEI students and alumni. “It is very important step in your career development process”.
  • Maintenance practices in the workshops and mock ups of the institution.
  • CEI has been recognized for its academic quality and a” Comprehensive training approach parallel to instruction”.
  • Focus on technical English.
  • DC-9 airplane to practice.
  • Hughes 500 helicopter to practice.
  • A Simulator Cabin certified by Colombian Civil Aviation allows ASA “cabin crew” students to practice.
  • Training on mock up real scale transport.
  • CEI students can borrow basic aircraft tools.